Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Metropolis

Sometimes a healthy smile doesn’t satisfy personal aesthetics. Imperfections such as spacing, misshapen teeth, or permanent discoloration can prevent you from sharing your smile. At John Shelton Dentistry, our dental professional provides cosmetic dentistry in Metropolis for patients who wish to improve the look of their teeth. Dr. Shelton offers everything, from conservative treatments such as composite bonding to more extensive repair with dental implants.

With so many options available, there’s no good reason not to take advantage of cosmetic solutions if you are not pleased with your smile. Call John Shelton Dentistry in Metropolis today to schedule your appointment!

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Solution 

Dr. Shelton has been helping patients improve their smile for over thirty years. He combines his experience with the latest innovations in dentistry, allow us to correct imperfections no matter how extensive they are. Whether the brightness of your teeth has been dulled by regular drinking of dark beverages or you were born with undersized teeth, we offer solutions designed with your unique circumstances in mind.

After a thorough examination of your smile, Dr. Shelton outlines an effective treatment plan that satisfies both your needs and aesthetics. Our solutions include:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers®
  • Composite Bonding and Fillings
  • Porcelain and Zirconia Crowns

Topical Solutions: Blending Art and Dentistry

For patients who need a brighter smile but would like to take treatment at their own pace, we offer Opalescence® take-home kits. These convenient trays allow you to lift stains from your teeth at your leisure, whether you’re on the road or spending time at home. But for patients who need a lighter shade in time for a big event, we also offer chairside whitening that will leave your smile brighter after a single appointment.

While whitening is an effective solution for teeth compromised by external stains, they won’t offer the same kind of aid to those with internally discolored teeth. We offer porcelain veneers which not only brighten your smile but also let you address structural imperfections such as undersized or misshapen teeth. These thin shells of porcelain are applied directly to prepared teeth and are designed to last. 

Porcelain veneers have helped many patients achieve their ideal smiles, but some may be reluctant to undergo the level of alteration required to place them. Lumineers, while offering the same benefits as regular veneers, do not require as much preparation in order to be secured in place. And for those who wish to avoid potentially invasive treatment altogether, Dr. Shelton also corrects cosmetic issues with composite bonding. Tooth-colored resin can be used to address a number of issues, including concealing chips left by an accident or filling the gap left by cavity removal. We also provide high-quality ceramic crowns from e.max®, which allows your smile to retain its beauty after treatment.

Restorative Solutions with Cosmetic Benefits

Aside from dental fillings, we also offer porcelain or zirconia caps for patients who need to preserve their teeth after a root canal. These materials are valuable to the world of dentistry because of their resemblance to natural enamel and high resistance to stains, making them ideal for teeth replacement.

For patients who are undergoing dental implant placement, our beautiful restorations allow them to chew and smile with full confidence. We offer individual crowns, bridges, and dentures, all designed to blend in with your smile and restore your health.

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Whether you need to brighten your smile or repair minor damage, Dr. Shelton offers an array of effective cosmetic solutions that preserve both dental beauty and oral health. To learn more about our cosmetic services in Metropolis, or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!